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Bar Scene Micro Environment

The purpose of this project was to design a scene that at first glance looked like a normal environment, but upon further inspection had a story hidden within it. 



Adobe Photoshop

Autodesk 3DS Max

bar scene bottles
Bar Scene Isometric

While building the smaller assets, a section of the bar was also

constructed, to add depth to the scene, and to also enable a variety of camera layouts to be explored.

bar camera 1
bar camera 2
bar post plan

Once a camera angle had been

selected, the scene was too claustrophobic and ended too abruptly. The bar top was extended and curved around, and the wall was pushed back to add more depth. 

After arranging the assets in the

camera view, a render was used to

begin visualizing possible post-production solutions. 

This micro environment began with a thumbnail sketch, loosely depicting what would become the final scene. After the conceptual stage, the project moved into blocking in the layout and modeling every asset in the scene.

To construct realistic liquor bottles, references images were gathered from existing brands. 



Once all the assets were constructed, they were then unwrapped and textured. Since the bottles were designed to represent existing brands, the labels needed to match. This involved manually searching for the correct labels and cutting those out to create texture maps for the models. Some of the bottles, had typography designed into the glass, and so that was also added to stay true to the branding.

bar bottles.jpg
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