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The purpose of this project was to create an editorial piece for Juxtapoz magazine, juxtaposing modern screen printing and fine art. The project began selecting an illustrator, to highlight, and constructing a museum exhibit around their illustrations. Then using renders of the exhibit to design a spread and cover feature in Juxtapoz magazine.

The artists whose work, I selected to build this editorial piece around, was Rory Kurtz. I choose to use the color schemes from the illustrations, to design the typography on the spreads.



  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Autodesk 3DS Max

Juztapose Cover Mockup.jpg
cover composite.jpg

Museum Layout

This view was rendered to fit a two-page spread dimensions for the Juxtapoz magazine. The composition was adjusted to fit the layout better.

The hanging illustrations where shifted towards the center of each page, while the walls themselves where moved slightly to create the needed separation between the two pages. This kept the layout from appearing overcrowded in the gutter space.

The color scheme was designed to highlight the illustrative work being featured while enhancing both the spread layout design and the museum design.

Museum Layout Wide.jpg

Juxtapoz Magazine Spread Design

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